All 2018 sign-ups are open!

Dear all,

We are so excited to have announced all the details for this year’s 2018 Orange County Science and Engineering Week! We have so many great things in store for you!

We have published the details and registration information for the 4th annual Elementary Science Olympiad Invitational and Junior Engineering Olympiad. We’ve introduced some new competition events this year. Make sure you sign up soon!

We will also incorporate technology, arts, and mathematics in this annual celebration of science and engineering week in OC! We hope you can come to our 2018 STEAM Scavenger Hunt.

Finally, please make note that our venue has changed. The Elementary Science Olympiad Invitational, Junior Engineer Olympiad, and the OCSEF STEAM Scavenger Hunt will take place at Sage Hill School in Newport Beach, CA.

All questions, comments, and concerns are welcome and may be directed to Thank you so much for supporting science & engineering in Orange County!

All the best,

OC Science


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