RSVP for the Elementary Sci Oly Invitational!

THE ELEMENTARY SCIENCE OLYMPIAD INVITATIONAL will consist of 2 rotations. You may choose one of eight total science olympiad “events” for each rotation, which means you can participate in two “events” in total! Please keep the following in mind when you register:

  • You may NOT choose the same event for both rotations.
  • You may only choose ONE event for Rotation 1, and ONE event for Rotation 2.
  • After registering for your Rotation 1 event, make sure you come back to this page and also complete registration for Rotation 2! (You must register for both rotations.)

The table below shows which events you can register for as a participant of the Elementary Science Olympiad Invitational. Click here for a more detailed description of each event.

Green text = Spots are available! 🙂 You may RSVP for this event.

Grey text = This event is full. 😦 You must choose another event.

Rotation 1 (choose one) Rotation 2 (choose one)
Build It Build It
Crime Busters Crime Busters
Don’t Bug Me! Don’t Bug Me!
Experimental Design Experimental Design
Picture This  Picture This 
Solid, Liquid, Gas Solid, Liquid, Gas 
Sound Detection  Sound Detection
Straw Towers Straw Towers

Updated 4/2/18, 10 PM.